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What a pleasure it is to learn and then practice! 
-- Confucius

     福智文教基金会起始于台湾, 创办人上日下常老和尚澈见教育是人类升沉的枢纽,教育应以心灵为主,知识技能为辅;真实的快乐来自心灵的提升。福智北加文教基金会秉持此宗旨理念,成立「福智培心学苑」,以在地的文化背景为基础,融合优良中华文化的智慧,实践创办人的愿景-透由品德与心灵的教育,培养身心灵健全的下一代,建立互信互助的良善社会。


At Enlighten Heart Education Center, we are dedicated to promote the education of the heart and mind. Through the teaching of Confucius, our students will learn the proper ways dealing with family, friends and will develope a positive attitude that will benefit them for life. Our after school program provides not only homework assistances and Chinese classes, but also a safe and fun environments where the students can relax and learn.

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